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Why paper flowers?

Firstly, our blooms are exquisitely realistic. You will have to look twice and when you do recognize they are faux you will be blown away by their rich texture and level of detail!

Secondly, our flowers are always in season, and available in any existing - or imagined - colour scheme.

Thirdly, they will never wilt or die.
And lastly, they are a much more eco-friendly and sustainable option.

Are paper flowers environmentally friendly?


Not to knock fresh flowers - we love them ourselves - but fresh flower market is a global market with flowers flown/driven all over the world in all seasons. You have to think about carbon footprint you are creating. Also think about all the pesticides that go into growing the flowers that will last only a few days at best.

Our paper is FSC certified (meaning it is produced from responsibly managed forests). It is also biodegradable which makes paper flowers a much better choice than synthetic plants. Not to mention the appearance will be very hard to compare.

What materials do you use?

Fine quality Italian and German crepe paper, floral wire, floral tape, hot glue and tacky glue.
We do NOT use floral foam or styrofoam as these are not bio-degradable and harmful to our environment.

Do they mix with real flowers?

Absolutely, yes! Paper flowers can be complimentary to your fresh flowers and due to their realistic appearance they blend in really well. This opens a ton of opportunities to use paper flowers instead of flowers out of season, or for precise colour matching.
The only thing to watch out for is to keep them away from moisture and prolonged direct sunlight.

How long do they last and how to take care of them?

With very minimal care they will last for many years! Please read the care instructions here.

What colors do you have?

We can create an arrangement in pretty much any colour from dustier antique shades to vibrant saturated varieties.

Do you offer customizations?

We LOVE custom orders. If you would like a custom arrangement please start by filling out an inquiry here.

Do you work with bulk orders?

It depends on the quantity and the timeline. Please consider that most of our blooms are a time-consuming art, therefore depending on our production timeline, Lilies & Arts reserves the right to turn down orders beyond our capabilities. We do offer compelling discounts for packages and certain bulk orders, so please reach out so we can assess if we are a good match for you.

Why are paper blooms more expensive than fresh flowers?

When you are buying from Lilies & Arts, you are investing in a long-lasting art piece, made from fine quality materials with high attention to detail.
Each petal is hand cut, painted, sculpted and glued one by one.
With that being said, some blooms are more time-consuming than others, and there is certain flexibility to tailor what we can offer to your vision & budget.

Do you deliver?

Only local pickup available at the moment.
All orders must be picked up from Beaconsfield, QC Canada.

Delivery in Montreal area might be arranged for a flat delivery fee.

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